Information about bomb in Indigo flight going to Deoghar made emergency landing in Lucknow

There was information about a bomb in an Indigo flight. He landed at Lucknow airport in an emergency. The flight was going from Delhi to Deoghar.

Feb 20, 2023 - 20:51
Feb 20, 2023 - 21:35
Information about bomb in Indigo flight going to Deoghar made emergency landing in Lucknow

A bomb was reported on Monday in an Indigo flight going from Delhi to Deoghar. After this, he was diverted to Lucknow and landed at Amausi airport. The flight number of IndiGo operating from Delhi is 6E 6191. An IndiGo spokesperson said, “The flight has been cleared for an emergency landing in Lucknow. Also, the rules of security agencies have been followed in the investigation of the Indigo flight.

He further said, "The aircraft was taken to the isolation way and the matter was investigated. When nothing was found in the investigation, the staff heaved a sigh of relief and then the aircraft was dispatched to the destination. Along with this, the fake information The giving accused has been arrested by the police in Hyderabad.

The spokesperson of Lucknow Airport issued a statement saying, "Due to security reasons, the aircraft was landed at Lucknow Airport and a thorough investigation was carried out. The information found in the investigation was found to be a rumour. After this, the aircraft was dispatched. All passengers were completely safe." Are.

There was a stir among the officers and employees at Lucknow airport due to the information about the bomb in an Indigo plane going from Delhi to Deoghar. The aircraft was checked after the emergency landing. After about an hour's effort, the information about having a bomb on the plane turned out to be fake. After this, the plane left for Deoghar. During this, there was chaos at Amausi airport for one hour.

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