Israeli company made water making machine from air, will be able to install in car

New technology: 30 litres of pure and nutritious water will be ready in 24 hours

Nov 18, 2022 - 10:08
Israeli company made water making machine from air, will be able to install in car

Israeli company Watergen has developed a machine that makes clean water from the air. The company has also got success in fitting the machine in the car. This has made this technique more effective. The company says that the car may be of any brand, once this machine is installed, it will not remain a normal car. The machine has been fitted in the trunk of the car. The tap is placed near the gearbox of the car to provide water. The company is in talks with several car manufacturers to fit the machine into all models. Watergen has already made water generators, which are being installed in homes and offices. The water generator on the roof of the company headquarters in Tel Aviv produces 800 to 900 litres of water in 24 hours. The cost of water made in this way is 50-60 paise per litre.

The machine made for domestic use can make 30 litres of water in 24 hours. The company says that 20 percent humidity in the air is sufficient for the machine to function smoothly. Minerals are added to the water made by absorbing moisture from the air through the machine so that the water remains nutritious as well as pure.

Indian company SMV working with an Israeli company. According to Jaipuria, there is a demand for this machine in India as well. Watergen CEO Mayan Mulla said, “We are getting good responses from India for both the machines used in homes and offices.

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