Live bomb in the chest of a Russian soldier, removed by operation

The hospital was rushed to the hospital after being injured during the war, the doctors were also surprised to see the condition, the doctors' breath was stuck during the complex surgery.

Live bomb in the chest of a Russian soldier, removed by operation

Moscow. The doctors were astonished to see the condition of a Russian soldier wounded during the Russo-Ukraine War. A live bomb had gone into his body. The bomb was in danger of detonating at any time. Therefore, it was removed from his body by immediate operation. During this complicated operation, the doctors' breath stuck.

According to the report of Daily Star News, Junior Sergeant Nikolay Passenko in the Russian Army was stationed in Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry reported his injuries on Thursday. According to the Russian news agency Tas, he was taken to Mandrik Central Military Clinical Hospital. The investigation revealed that the Xedda bomb had crossed his ribs and lungs and reached close to his heart. Doctors told that the bomb could have exploded inside the body during the operation. So the operation was quite challenging. The doctors completed the operation wearing a bomb-proof jacket under a medical gown.

The operation had to be done in the same room where the soldier was brought. Moving him from there could have proved dangerous. After surgery, the soldier was shifted to a hospital in Moscow. Talking to the media, the soldier said, 'I did not want the doctors to be in any trouble because of me. He bravely carried out the operation. I am alive because of him.

The army and doctors still do not understand how the bomb got to the heart of the soldier's chest and why it did not explode. A doctor said it is nothing short of a miracle. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said the soldier was sent to the hospital after he noticed a wound in his chest.