Rakhi Sawant seen in hijab with boyfriend Adil, has the actress changed her religion?

Bollywood's 'Drama Queen' Rakhi Sawant is enjoying her love life a lot these days. Axar is spotted with her boyfriend Adil Khan. The actress has expressed her desire to marry Adil many times. Rakhi had said in a statement that she wants to marry Adil in 'Bigg Boss 16' and now in the meantime, the actress has appeared in a hijab. After seeing this photo, everyone is shocked and questions are raised about whether the actress has changed religion.

Rakhi Sawant seen in hijab with boyfriend Adil, has the actress changed her religion?

These days Rakhi Sawant seems to be immersed in Adil's love. Her boyfriend is definitely mentioned in everything she talks about. Ever since she fell in love with Adil Durrani, she has changed completely, you can guess from her latest photo. Recently, Rakhi Sawant has shared through one of her videos, in which she is seen wearing a hijab.

shared on the account. His mood is completely changed in this video. In the video, Rakhi is seen wearing a hijab and sitting in a room. After this, Adil appears again in the video and is seen showering his love on Rakhi. Along with this, the thing to note is that in this video, another woman is seen with him, she is also wearing a hijab. This video of Rakhi is becoming increasingly viral, as well as many questions are being raised in many ways.

Some are praising the love of both, while some have not like this style of Rakhi. Commenting on this video of Rakhi, a person wrote that there is only so much love for Adil, so he should become a Hindu.

Rakhi Sawant has previously appeared in Big Boss for three seasons and now she has expressed her desire to go with her boyfriend Adil Khan in the 16th season. Rakhi said while talking to a media house that "If we stay in Bigg Boss house, then only Bigg Boss will marry us, do Nikah, I say get me married to Adil in Bigg Boss house itself." If we go, Adil will also say marry me in Bigg Boss. I am ready for it.'