Semeru volcano erupts again in Indonesia, evacuation continues

Indonesia's Mount Semeru erupted on Sunday, spewing a cloud of hot ash a mile into the sky, prompting officials to raise the volcano's alert status to the highest level. Nearby villages were evacuated after a volcano erupted on Indonesia's main island of Java.

Semeru volcano erupts again in Indonesia, evacuation continues

People are in panic due to a tremendous explosion in a volcano in Indonesia. After the explosion in the volcano there, a large area was filled with smoke, while the lava of the volcano also spread far and wide. A major warning has been issued due to the eruption of the tallest volcano in Java, the most densely populated island in Indonesia. The rapid evacuation of people living around Mount Semeru, located in the Lumajang district of East Java province, continues.

On Sunday, a plume of smoke engulfed a radius of 1.5 kilometres due to the eruption of the volcano. The country's disaster monitoring agency, the BNPB, issued a warning for locals not to go within 5 kilometres of the volcano's eruption center. Also, stay about 500 meters away from river banks due to the risk of volcanic lava flows.

BNPB reported that the volcano began erupting at 2:46 p.m. In this video posted on social media, you can see that clouds of brown ash are visible in the surrounding areas. Indonesian authorities have distributed masks to local residents. At the same time, after this explosion, the Meteorological Agency of Japan said that they are monitoring the possibility of a tsunami there after the explosion. Japan's public broadcaster NHK has given this information.

This volcano erupted again after exactly one year. This volcano erupted only on December 4 last year, and the gas and lava coming out of the volcano caused panic among the people living nearby. During this, about 50 people were scorched and one person died. At the same time, this volcano erupted on January 1 last year itself, in which 57 people died.