Ban on single entry of girls in Jama Masjid, social workers protested

Jama Masjid New Order: Single entry of girls in Jama Masjid has been banned. Many social activists criticized this decision of the Jama Masjid management and said why the second-class treatment of women.

Ban on single entry of girls in Jama Masjid, social workers protested

When Muslim girls in the world are fighting for their rights. At that time, the entry of girls alone in the world-famous Jama Masjid of Delhi has been banned. Along with issuing the order, the Jama Masjid administration has barricaded all three gates of the mosque. It is written that it is forbidden for girls to enter Jama Masjid alone. Social activists have raised their voices against this order of Jama Masjid management.

Taking this order of Jama Masjid, social worker Shahnaz Afzal said that in a country like India where everyone has equal rights. Such a decision in that is like keeping the constitution on hold. Such a decision is not valid in any case.

Criticizing this decision, Shahid Saeed, spokesperson of the Muslim National Forum, said that this mindset is wrong. The place of worship should be open to everyone. Why the second standard treatment with women?

Explaining this decision, the spokesperson of Jama Masjid, Sabiullah has said that, many couples come to Jama Masjid, whose behaviour is not according to religion. Along with this, young women also come to make videos for social media and come to the place of prayer. Due to this, the worshipers are inconvenienced. There are also messages written inside the mosque not to make videos.