Crowd gathered to take selfie with Anjali Arora, fans became uncontrollable and security guard threw water

Anjali Arora: Fans of social media star Anjali Arora go crazy for a glimpse of her. Meanwhile, she was spotted at a restaurant, where fans flocked to take selfies with her. This video is now becoming increasingly viral on the Internet.

Apr 1, 2023 - 19:29
Crowd gathered to take selfie with Anjali Arora, fans became uncontrollable and security guard threw water

Anjali Arora, who became a social media star overnight by dancing to the song Kachha Badam, has gained a huge fan following in a very short span of time. She often shares the latest videos of her dance on social media, which her fans are also eager to see. Recently, a video of the actress is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. However, in this video, Anjali does not dance but is seen scolding the security guard. At the same time, users are also giving their comments on his video.

It is obvious that many videos and pictures from Anjali Arora's Instagram go viral on social media. His dashing moves are also liked by his fans. Many stars shower love on Anjali and she also does not forget to thank her fans. But this time it is too much. When people started competing to take pictures with him.

It is seen in the video that Anjali is sitting outside a restaurant. During this, a crowd of fans gathered to click selfies with him. Meanwhile, the fans get too close to him, due to which the security guard throws water on him. Anjali got angry at this act of the guard. However, he appealed not to throw water while keeping himself under control.

Ever since this video is going viral, users are getting mixed reactions. Some have praised this behaviour of Anjali while some have criticized her for the same thing. One commented, 'The crowd has come to see this gawar too.' On the other hand, another user wrote, 'This is a country of India where someone uploads a video of his nudity on Google and collects thanks to become famous. He becomes a celebrity for the people. Are they really his fans or just saw the video of it, for this, they come to see it in real.

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