Jack Ma: News of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, fleeing from China and spending days in Japan

Jack Ma In Japan: While protests against the Corona restrictions are on the boil in China, it has now come to light that Chinese billionaire and Alibaba founder Jack Ma is among the Chinese government's crackdown on technology companies. ) have been spending days in Japan for almost two years.

Jack Ma: News of Alibaba founder Jack Ma, fleeing from China and spending days in Japan

Chinese tycoon Jack Ma, usually exposed to the world in a high-profile manner, has been spending days in Japan away from the public spotlight for more than two years. E-commerce giant Alibaba and its financial payments arm Alipay are under regulatory scrutiny in China and Jack Ma has been revealed to be living a very low-profile life in Tokyo.

Jack Ma, 58, criticized Chinese regulators in 2020. Jack Ma has been at loggerheads with the Chinese government for violating anti-monopoly rules, in other words directly at odds with the Communist regime of President Xi Jinping. After this, his companies came on the radar of the Chinese government. First Jack Ma stopped appearing in public and then his news also stopped coming.

UK newspaper Financial Times has claimed that Jack Ma has been living in Japan in a low-profile manner for at least six months. He is accompanied by his family and a few staff for personal chefs and security at hot springs and ski resorts in the countryside outside Tokyo. He has minimized his public activities.

The report states that Jack Ma attends some exclusive private clubs. To pass his time, he does painting and collects pieces of modern art. Jack Ma has also visited the US and Israel several times in recent months.

Since the year 2020, due to the strict 'zero-covid' policy in China, many wealthy people have left the country. Due to the strict corona restrictions policy, life in China has come to a standstill and it has become difficult for the Chinese to travel abroad. International flights are yet to return to normal, while all foreign arrivals are still being quarantined.