Strong tremors of earthquake in Iran: 7 killed so far, more than 440 injured, relief work continues

Earthquake in Iran: A 5.9-magnitude earthquake occurred in Khoy city of West Azerbaijan in northwestern Iran. According to reports, seven people have died so far. Apart from this, there is also information about the injuries of 440 people.

Jan 29, 2023 - 11:52
Strong tremors of earthquake in Iran: 7 killed so far, more than 440 injured, relief work continues

Late night earthquake in the lost city of Iran has caused havoc. So far 7 people have lost their lives due to the earthquake and more than 440 people have been injured. The intensity of the earthquake was measured at 5.9 on the Richter scale. The United States Geological Survey gave this information. Several houses have been damaged in the provincial capital of Iran due to the earthquake. After getting information about the earthquake, relief and rescue work is going on.

According to the news agency Reuters, quoting emergency services officials, seven people were killed and 440 were injured in the earthquake in Khoy city of Azerbaijan province. The quake damaged some buildings in the city of Khoy, the Fars news agency reported.

According to Iran's emergency department officials, rescue teams have been dispatched to Iran's West Azerbaijan province. According to state media, hospitals have been put on alert. It is snowing in some affected areas. Power cuts have also been reported in some areas.

It is being told that the earthquake occurred near the Turkey-Iran border in the city of Khoy in the West Azerbaijan province of northwestern Iran. Apart from this, the sound of a loud explosion has also been heard in the military plant of Isfahan city of Iran. It came down at 23:44:44 (UTC+05:30) and hit the ground 10 km inside Khoy.

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