PM Modi spoke to the rescue team that returned from Turkey, said- You have made India proud, salute you

Prime Minister Modi today interacted with rescue teams from earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria, including NDRF and other organizations, as part of the 'Operation Dost' campaign. While addressing him with this, praised him fiercely.

PM Modi spoke to the rescue team that returned from Turkey, said- You have made India proud, salute you

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday interacted with NDRF teams and other disaster management personnel carrying out relief and rescue operations in earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria under Operation Dost. He then addressed them saying "I salute you all today. When one helps others it is selfless. This applies not only to individuals but also to nations."

Along with this, the Prime Minister said that "The entire team associated with Operation Dost has done a wonderful job. Even the members of our voiceless friend's Dog squads have displayed amazing ability. The country is very proud of all of you. Our culture has taught us 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. So be it Turkey or Syria, the whole team has displayed these Indian values. We consider the whole world as one family. When any member of the family is in trouble, It is India's duty to help."

Recalling the earthquake in Gujarat, the Prime Minister said, "I have seen the problems that come with a natural disaster and I had firsthand experience during the Gujarat earthquake in 2001. The entire hospital in Bhuj collapsed and rescue and relief The task had become daunting. I can imagine the hard work and courage shown by all of you during the rescue and relief mission in Turkey. When someone can help himself, we call him self-reliant. But when voluntary When help is offered from the community, it is selfless. In the last few years, India has not only become self-reliant but has also established itself as a selfless nation.

The Prime Minister said that "Operation Dost is an example of India's dedication to humanity and our commitment to stand by nations in distress. We have always been the first to respond to any disaster in any part of the world." And during the last few years, NDRF has been successful in building trust among the people of the country. Be it cyclone, flood, or earthquake, you all are seen as a beacon of hope and faith in distress and this NDRF It is a huge achievement for NDRF. I appreciate the efforts of NDRF and the country is confident of your preparedness, but I would request all of you not to stop at this and keep on increasing your capabilities so that NDRF becomes the best in the world. Be a good rescue and relief team."