Sanjay Dutt wants to do a biopic on Donald Trump! the reason will surprise

Recently, a video of Sanjay Dutt is becoming increasingly viral, in which he is telling that he wants to work on someone's biopic. He answered this question in 'The Kapil Sharma Show'.

Sanjay Dutt wants to do a biopic on Donald Trump! the reason will surprise

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has always won the hearts of the audience with his strong acting. He has been played by the audience in every character. Be it a hero or villain or any comedy character played by him. Sanjay Dutt has won the hearts of people with his every style and has made his mark in the industry. Not only this, but his biography has also been shown on the big screen, in which actor Ranbir Kapoor played his character. His biopic was well-liked. Along with this, the people also highly appreciated the struggle of his life. In such a situation, one of his videos is becoming increasingly viral.

In the viral video, the actor is telling in whose biopic he wants to work. This video of him is during 'The Kapil Sharma Show'. When the actor reached the industry's famous comedian Kapil Sharma's show as a guest. During that time the actor also revealed that he wants to work on someone's biopic.

In the video, Kapil Sharma asks Sanjay Dutt that 'Sanju Bhai, if you want to work in someone's biopic, in whose biopic will you do it?'. In response to this question, the actor says 'I want to do a biopic of Donald Trump. He is a very remarkable man, he can say anything anywhere. After hearing this, the judge of the show Archana Puran Singh starts laughing.

Along with Sanjay Dutt, actress Kriti Sanon had reached the show. Everyone had a lot of fun with each other in the show. Sanjay Dutt was last seen in the role of 'Adheera' in South's blockbuster film 'KGF 2'. At the same time, he was also seen as a tough police officer 'Daroga Shuddh Singh' in Ranbir Kapoor's film 'Shamshera'. Both of these Sanjay Dutt's were for this character Villain.

These characters of his also got a lot of love from the audience. Earlier, he was seen in the character of Villain in Rikit Roshan's film 'Agneepath'. She played the role of 'Kancha Cheena' in the film. Tulsidas is going to be seen in Junior. However, only the name of the film has been announced so far. At the same time, his fans are quite excited about the rest of the details of his film.