South Korean YouTuber had lunch with the boys who saved him

South Korean YouTuber Hyo-Jeong had lunch this afternoon with the boys who saved him from the miscreants, sharing the video on Twitter, Hyo-Jeong described both the boys as Indian heroes.

A South Korean girl, who was molested on the streets of Mumbai, has shared a video on Twitter in which the two boys who saved her from the hoodlums are visible. The boys who saved Hyo-Jeong from the goons are named Aditya and Atharv, whom the Korean YouTuber complimented while having lunch on Friday and thanked him for saving her from harassment.

Many Indians on social media demanded strict action from the Mumbai Police against those who harassed the tourists. At the same time, the police arrested two accused Mobeen Chand Mohd Sheikh, aged 19, and Mohd Naqib Sadriyalam Ansari, 20, for molesting the South Korean YouTuber.

Incident of molestation of a Korean woman South Korea has issued an advisory for its citizens visiting India, urging them not to venture out at night in view of security. However, the South Korean YouTuber is happy with the action taken by the police against the accused. At the same time, the statement of Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has also come to light on this matter, in which he has assured strict action against the accused.

South Korean YouTuber Hyo-Jeong was live streaming when she was molested by two men. He has also shared its video through Twitter. It is clearly visible in the video that she is opposing the eve-teasing, but even after this both the miscreants keep on flirting. The two men even offer a lift while flirting with the YouTuber from the bike. While Hyo-Jeong continues to oppose it.