Vijay Deverakonda's tone changed, seeing the demand for Boycott rising, he said - 'A film made for you'

Nowadays, the demand for boycotts of any film has become very common. A few days are left before the release of the film, and the demand for a boycott of the film intensifies. As if this trend has gone. The box office collection has to bear this brunt. Recently, Aamir and Akshay's film got lost in it. Now the name of Vijay Deverkonda's film 'Liger' has also been included in this list.

Vijay Deverakonda's tone changed, seeing the demand for Boycott rising, he said - 'A film made for you'

A few days ago, the demand for a boycott of Vijay Deverkonda's film 'Liger' was raised on social media. However, later the actor broke his silence on this and said that he is not afraid of the boycott. He had said 'should you stop releasing your films because of the fear of this boycott'. After this statement of Vijay Deverakonda, he was also trolled a lot on social media.

After this, he again said that 'he along with Karan Johar, Charmme Kaur, Puri Jagannath and the rest of the film's team worked hard for three years to complete the film amid the corona epidemic. We started this film three years ago in the year 2019. At that time, it was not 'Boycott Bollywood'. It all started in the lockdown and we were already on the shooting schedule by that time. At that time, we felt that there is no better option than Karan Johar sir to take our film all over India. When we requested him to release the film in Hindi, he took it warmly and now we have got a lot from the North. Got a good response.

However, as the film's release is approaching, its tone seems to be changing. Vijay Deverakonda Video first talked about his struggle. He was trying to tell us that he is a self-made actor and has struggled a lot to reach here. He said, 'Had to fight for respect. I had to fight for my place in this world. Had to fight for work. Every picture was a fight. Which was my first picture, the producer was not even found. We all acted for free. Then people got love for making the picture and that picture became a huge hit. There was no one to release because we were nothing.

The actor said that about 'Liger', he said that now if you are making a picture for India, then there should be some drama. He says, 'And now I am making a picture for India, so there should be a little more drama. Worked with a true heart, and worked like an actor as much as possible. When I was struggling for work, one of my directors, told me that one day I should do your religion, and the rest of the universe will see. I think I am correct. I talk less like an actor and more like Vijay Deverakonda.